Bridges to Housing

Housing for the homeless, one family at a time


The personal and societal costs of homelessness are extreme. The stresses of homelessness can push parents and kids into a cycle of decline, with costly results.

While some families are just temporarily down on their luck, many face significant challenges and need considerable help to achieve stability in their lives. Experience, locally and nationwide, shows that high-need homeless families can get back on their feet if they receive permanent housing along with intensive services designed specifically to help families build on their strengths and address their specific needs.

Bridges to Housing is a program that provides this needed support. We develop innovative approaches to the growing problem of family homelessness in the Yuba-Sutter area,  examining the most effective ways to provide assistance. Here’s what we do. 

Bridges to Housing offers hope for a better future to the families and their children who are served by this program. 

Your donation helps us create miracles.   


Now you can help Bridges raise funds by attending our first annual Mystery Dinner Theater! Two showings, Dinner presentation on September 20th and Lunch on September 21st, 2014. For more details, go to our Event Page.

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